PBIHelper - Desktop App
Schedule to refresh Power BI Dataset using Windows Task Scheduler

Power BI Helper application can be run either command line or schedule through Windows Task Scheduler to refresh dataset in Power BI service. 

NOTE:   Prior to scheduling… 

              a. Download and install Power BI Helper App.

            b. Create profile and/or log on to Power BI Helper application at least once.              

 Instructions to configure Action in Windows Task:

Action: Choose “Start a program”


1. Program/action:

     Select PBIHelper application from installed location.

     For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Inservit\PBIHelper\PBIHelper.exe

 2. Add arguments (optional):

  •  To refresh Dataset in a group

                   “Request=Refresh;PBIUsername=<Power BI User ID>;Group=<Group>;Dataset=<Dataset>

                   Example: “Request=Refresh;PBIUsername=xyz@abc.com;Group=Sales;Dataset=GlobalSales”

  •  To refresh Dataset in My Workspace

                  “Request=Refresh;PBIUsername=<Power BI User ID>;Dataset=<Dataset>
Example: “Request=Refresh;PBIUsername=xyz@abc.com;Dataset=MySales”

3. Start in (optional):

    Enter Power BI helper installation folder.

         Example:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Inservit\PBIHelper


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