PBIStats - Custom Data Connector

         Power BI Stats (PBIStats) is custom data connector for Power BI, pulls metadata from Power BI service so as to get insights on their Power BI service. Power BI Stats connects to Power BI service using Power BI API calls.

 Build reports using metadata for insights on your Power BI Service.

  • Dashboard health: Identify any broken Dashboard Tile. (In case dataset/report linked to a dashboard tile is no longer in Power BI service).
  • Dataset refresh status.
  • Datasources & connection details.
  • Gateways & Gateway datasources.
  • Reports, Report Datasets, Dashboards, DashboardTiles…
  • Datasets with API Access
  • Power BI Users
How to use PBIStats connector
    Use sample template shipped with PBIStats connector
     Build your own report using PBIStats connector

        Reports built with Power BI Stats connector and published on Power BI service cannot be scheduled for refresh.


  •  Refresh manually in Power BI desktop and re-publish the reports.
    • Create dataset with Power BI metadata using PBIHelper app. Dataset created using PBIHelper application can be scheduled for refresh.
  • Sample dashboard build using PBIStats connector
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